Budapest Boat Tours FAQ

Budapest Boat Tours FAQ

If you really want to do something fun, relaxing, historical, magical, which suits all ages and interests, we strongly recommend taking a Budapest river cruise on the river Danube.

Budapest Cruises on the river Danube

Budapest Cruises on the river Danube

If you are not sure whether it is good for you, what are the average prices, when it is the best time to take a river cruise in Budapest, etc. here are some tips for you:

Is it worth taking a Budapest river cruise on the Danube?

Absolutely yes. We cannot say anything against a fantastic river cruise. There are only pros, no cons. Do you like beauty? Do you like historical places? Are you romantic? Do you like good drinks aboard a boat? Maybe dinner too and live music? Or are you a party goer who wants to dance on the boat? Do you want to take perfect Budapest photos of the night lit top Budapest attractions? Watch this Budapest night cruise video, it is truly worth every penny to take a Danube cruise in Budapest!

What kind of River Cruises are available in Budapest?

There are all sorts of boat tours in Budapest, from relaxed, simple tours to fancy tours, like the Budapest Fireworks Cruise, or the Budapest Party Boat, river cruises with beers, cocktails, wines and champagne, boat tours for families with kids – everyone can find their tastes and budget. Most cruises on the river Danube take about 60-90 minutes, some include the tour guides too (audio guide), while other cruise take longer where you can see more than the city centre of Budapest in an hour, and will take you on boat to Szentendre or the Danube Bend, or even from Budapest to Vienna (to be more precise the Budapest – Vienna river cruise is not on a boat, but on a noisy hydrofoil, so you may be better off taking the train from Budapest to Vienna).

When shall I take a boat tour in Budapest?

The best time is to go on a river cruise at dusk, after sunset when all the fascinating sights along the river Danube from the Arpad Bridge in the north of the city to the Rakoczi Bridge in the south of the city are glowing with night lights like jewels in the dark velvet. The Buda Castle with the colourful roofs of the Matthias Church, and the majestic domes of the Hungarian Parliament (UNESCO World heritage sites) are breathtakingly beautiful in their night lit glory, then the Chain Bridge, the Gresham Palace (4 Seasons Hotel), the Palace of Arts, the Liberty Bridge, the Gellert Baths at the Gellert Hill, the Citadel on top of Gellert Hill, the domes and turrets of the churches, the standing ship bars along the riverside, etc. – they are all so amazing and inviting, right in the heart of Budapest.

Budapest Night Cruise

Budapest Night Cruise

How much is a Danube cruise in Budapest?

Budapest river cruises start from around 9 Euros, which usually include a drink (a glass of wine or juice), and you can get some cruise deals too (package programs).

Many tourists opt for more upgraded boat tours in Budapest, e.g. Danube cruise and dinner, more drinks (open bar), live music, DJ partyboat, or other services (stag parties in Budapest often go for more sensual on board programs…).

Night boat tours are typically more expensive than day cruises. River cruises are available in Budapest all year round, even in winter time, including Christmas in Budapest:

Here are some Danube trips for the special winter holidays:

Another day for a special boat tour in Budapest, Hungary is undoubtedly the cruises on August 20 (Fireworks Budapest Boat Tours).

Budapest Cruise Deals are available for package programmes, like Budapest Cruise and Folk Show, Cruise and Bath Massage, etc. on

If you are on a budget Budapest tour, living on a shoestring budget, you can use the simple ship services of the Budapest Public Transport, or just take a cheap sightseeing ride on the 2 tram (tram number 2), which runs along the river Danube touching upon many bridges, no tour guide but there is a lot to see. Now, as you can see, there is simply no excuse for not enjoying a perfect river cruise in Budapest the capital of Hungary, aka ‘the Paris of East’!

What kind of Budapest Boat Tours are available?

See the list of Budapest Danube Cruise companies and boat tour operators here.


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