Budapest Central Market Hall Days

Budapest Central Market Hall Days

Every weekend there is a cultural food and travel show at the Central Market Hall of Budapest.

Budapest Nagycsarnok

Budapest Nagycsarnok / Great Market Hall – Bill Barber Photography

Each week there is a new country showing its typical traditional cuisine, some of the handrafts, folk dances, music, etc., that are very characteristic of the given country and culture. Not only European countries get a chance to showcase their gastronomy, arts, customs and travel tips, but also countries from Asia, America, etc. On Saturdays, you can often hear some concerts or see some folk shows of the guest country.

In addition to the food and arts events, there are some travel agencies from the guest countries, who can help you plan your trip to that country (choosing the top attractions, finding good deals, or just general travel advice on how to choose hotels based on your preferences and budget, etc.).

The Central Market Hall (Nagycsarnok) is a real cultural hub, well beyond shopping and tasting the Hungarian fruits, vegetables and specialties (Langos, Pickles, Paprika, Tokaj Wine, etc.)

Opening Hours of the Weekend Cultural Days:

  • Friday: 9 am – 6 pm
  • Saturday: 9 am – 3 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Great Market Hall Budapest upcoming events:

2012. October 18-20.
2012. October 25-27.
2012. November 2-3.
2012. November 8-10.
2012. november 15-17.
2012. November 22-24.
In cooler weather, the temperature in the Budapest market halls can get chilly and cold. Dress warmly for the market tour.

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