Budapest Fireworks

Budapest Fireworks

It is countdown to the big day, August 20 in 2017, when we Hungarians celebrate our happiest national holiday. We tend to be economical, so wrapped three celebrations into one package. But “what do Hungarians celebrate on August 20?” you may ask.

Budapest Fireworks In short:

  • we celebrate the birth of Hungary, its stateness, its kingdomness, its constitution
  • we celebrate the first king of Hungary, St Stephen (St Istvan), who we are grateful to that Hungary is still Hungary among the many nations of Europe rather than just an ethnic group
  • we celebrate that the wheat has been harvested, the mills have ground the fin Hungarian flour, and we can make the new bread!

So we celebrate with the biggest fireworks Hungary can see in a year: and the Budapest Fireworks are indeed amazing.

If you want to see them cheap, just join the hundreds of thousands of Hungarians by the river side on the embankments (maybe more comfortable on the Buda side), if you want to splurge and give yourself and your better half a treat to make it a romantic evening, you can book your seat on one of the Budapest Fireworks Cruises. Hurry up, Aug 20 is almost here and we are super excited!!!


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