Budapest November 1

Budapest November 1

Most Hungarians celebrate November 1, All Saints Day by taking some quiet time and remembering their dear ones who passed away.

November 1 Public Holiday

All Saints Day Budapest

All Saints Day Budapest – Josh Hughes Photography

November 1 is a public holiday in Hungary, when many locals visit the graves of lost family members and friends, often travelling hours to another town or village to pay a visit to the loved and lost ones, and to talk to them regardless of the fact if you are a believer or just someone who still achingly feels the loss, replaying old and unfinished dialogues. The cemeteries offer a chance to keep contact with the memories of people we lost, and also to look into ourselves, calm down, just be and exist among the tranquil headstones, marble placemarkers, trees and flowers.

November 1 Opening Hours

In short, shops, banks and SOME attractions are closed on November 1 in Budapest, but you will still have plenty of things to do in Budapest, no need to worry. Let’s see what Budapest attractions and places of interest are open and what are closed on November 1, 2012 (the opening times may change from year to year, so check the current year to make sure you can plan your itinerary in Budapest more reliably)


OPEN on Nov 1, Budapest

CLOSED on Nov 1, Budapest

  • Stores and shops: with the notable exception of florists and the nonstop corner shops (24/7 small groceries), the stores and shops in Budapest will be closed on November 1
  • Budapest Markets: the markets and market halls will be closed on Nov 1, including the Central Market Hall and the Feny Street Market Hall behind the Mammut Shopping Mall
  • Shopping Malls: the shopping malls, as almost all commercial shops in Budapest, will be closed on Nov 1, All Saints Day, including Mammut or WestEnd shopping malls
  • Museums in Budapest: some of the museums will be closed on All Saints’ Day, e.g. the National Museum, the House of Terror or the Ludwig Museum
  • Parliament: the Hungarian Parliament building will be closed on Nov 1
  • Banks: banks are be closed on Nov 1
  • Post Offices: post offices are closed on Nov 1

Budapest Cemeteries

Lujza Blaha in Kerepesi Cemetery

Lujza Blaha in Kerepesi Cemetery, Budapest – Gerry Labrijn Photography

Although it may seem strange to visit cemeteries where you have no relations, the historical cemeteries of Budapest are special, as many seem like outdoor statue parks. Tourists who were seeking secrets and hidden gems in Budapest often marvel at the wonderful statues of the Kerepesi Cemetery, Farkasreti Cemetery, etc. November 1 is the most busy day in cemeteries in Hungary, so it may not be the best day to visit them if you want to avoid the crowds.

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