Budapest Street Food Show Winter 2012

Budapest Street Food Show Winter 2012

After the autumn edition of Budapest Street Food Show 2012, which was a huge success with over 11,000 visitors, here is the second Street Food Show, with a winter edition, in early December. The venue is the same, the Market Hall of Budapest in Hold Street (similar to the big Central Market Hall, historical, spacious, lesser known and somewhat smaller). Again, Budapest Street Food Show is brought to you by, the Hungarian gastro guide.

Budapest Street Food Show December

Budapest Street Food Show December

The street food show is heavy on meat nibbles and meaty hot foods, but you will find vegetarian snacks and delicacies too. There are cheap 3 course menus (Budapest is full of cheap menus for lunch time, see our Budapest Budget Dining map), tiny fingerfoods, etc.

Based on the first show of Budapest Street Food Show in September, you may expect thousands of people, crowds by the end of the day (around 5-6 pm), and longer queues.

Dining Guide is a culinary journal of Hungary who care about the appreciation of Hungarian street food culture, last but not least beautiful Hungarian sausages, sandwiches, Langos, salads, grilled chickens, Hungarian style burgers, freshly baked products, and other yummy things you instantly fall in love with while walking in the streets of Budapest – and walking a lot in Budapest is a must, there is so much to see, look up the facades, look into the courtyards and just keep looking. After many decades of living in Budapest, one still discovers tiny new details.

Event: Dining Guide Street Food Show Budapest Winter 2012

Date: 6-9 December 2012
Venue: Hold Street Market Hall, downtown Budapest (close to the Basilica and Szabadsag Square), District V, 13 Hold Street, Market Hall, 1st floor level

How do I get to the Street Food Festival Budapest 2012?
The easiest way to get to the Street Food Show is to take the public transport. Get on the blue metro line, M3 line, and get off at Arany Janos Street metro station. Then walk to the Market Hall in Hold Street – about 2 min from the M3 metro station in Arany János utca. The Hold Street Market Hall (Hold utcai Piac) has two entrances from two steets in fact. One of the main entrances is from Hold Street (Hold utca) while the other one is from Vadász Street.

What time does the Street Food Festival Budapest 2012 begin and end?

Hungarian Langos

Hungarian Langos – photo Den Zelazo

Please note that the food show has its special pay coupons (can be re-sold)

  • December 6 12.00-22.00
  • December 7 10.00-24.00
  • December 8 10.00-24.00
  • December 9 10:00 to 20:00

What programs will there be at the Street Food Festival Budapest 2012?

You can meet the chefs, cooks, wizards of new and established street food vendors, restaurants in Budapest.

As gastronomy is quite multicultural, you can expect to see and try a wide range of (street) foods in both a traditional and a cosmopolitan style: Korean, Jewish, Bosnian, Hungarian, Yemeni, etc.

Will the market be open as usual?
The event takes place on the first floor, what about the regular market on the ground floor? Yes, the market hall will be open as usual, but some stalls may remain open on Sunday too. They only accept cash if you want to buy something.

How much is the entrance fee to the Street Food Show and Festival?
No tickets to enter, it is free of charge to participate in the festival, but you will need to buy your own food.

Is the food at the Street Food Show also free?
No, unfortunately it isn’t. Eating the foods costs money. Instead of cash, you can buy coupons of small value (HUF 100 and 500 denominations). Sorry, You can not pay by card.

More FAQ of the Budapest Street Food Show:

Where can I get a food coupon?
There will be coupon vendors all over the festival, on the stairs and in the mobile ticketing kiosks.

Can I redeem the food coupons if I have not used them all?
Yes, sure: you can re-sell the unused coupon to us and get back your cash during the festival (but not after the festival)

Is there an ATM at the Street Food Festival?
No, there are no ATM machines in the market hall itself, but there are many in a few minutes walk. You had better prepare with a little cash.

Who can I contact if I need help at the Street Food Festival Budapest 2012?
Ask the guys selling coupons or the organizers wearing uniform T-shirts.

Can the Disabled also attend the festival?
Yes, there is a lift to the 1st floor.

For more information: [email protected]


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