Craft Beer Festival Budapest 2012

Craft Beer Festival Budapest 2012

Budapest beer lovers and craft beer nerds are looking forward to the 4th Craft Beer Festival in Budapest.

(the second this year alone, which means that the young festival is a great initiative and attracting lots of beer lovers). If you are visiting Budapest in mid September, and are passionate about beers, especially home made stylish, tasty and experimental craft beers, head to the Fozdefeszt Craft Beer Festival.

Craft Beer Festival Budapest

Craft Beer Festival Budapest

Fozdefeszt Craft Beer Festival in Budapest

The beer festival is a nice pleasant Indian summer event in the still warm and sunny mid Sep Budapest.

There will be lots of local beers as well as guest beers from other countries.  The strongest Hungarian beer is making its debut: the Angry Beast may sound like a heavy metal band, or an oldtimer motorbike, but this time it is a Hungarian craft beer of 12% alcohol content. The Angry beer (Duhongo Bika in Hungarian) is an imperial stout.

For the first time, the wonderful Cider drink is also represented at the Budapest Craft Beer Festival (sorry, no Hungarian ciders yet, but you can drink Gaymers and Stowford)

Some of the beer makers and beers visiting the September craft beer festival: Kapuziner, Kaltenecker, Liquid Gold, Parador, Békésszentandrás Craft Beer Maker, Zip’s Brewhouse, Kissler, Mályi Ászok, Stari Meggyes, Csobánkai Kézműves Sörfőzde, Fót Craft Beer Maker with Hammurappi, Hara Punk, Gyertyanos, Rizmajer Konyakosmeggyes, etc.

Budapest Craft Beer Festival - Fozdefeszt on a Beerbike

Budapest Craft Beer Festival – Fozdefeszt on Beerbike – photo by Zoltan Kocsis (NOL)

The event is on a pleasant square, close to downtown Budapest. The weekend long craft beer fest is from Sep 14 to 16 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Fozdefeszt is open from noon to midnight all three days of the beer festival.

The festival is a cosy, quickly growing, and absolutely enthusiastic about craft beers of all arts and styles. After all it aims to revolutionise what Hungarians know as the best Hungarian beers. This September there will be dozens of Hungarian breweries showcasingmore than 50 types of beers from new lagers and Irish reds, through less usual beers, like chocolate beers, fruit beers etc.

Let’s not forget about the dense corn-beer with more than 55% corn used.

We have an illustrious list of guests as well. The British Embassy and BeerBier pub will bring us two types of real ale from Fuller’s, Sörmanufaktúra – the
German Beer Shop – will bring us an assortment of some of the best Bavarian breweries including Schneider Weisse and Camba Bavaria. Pivo and Hrabal, the best of Budapest’s Czech pubs will tap a nice collection of Czech beers including beers from Zatec, Koutsky and Vyskov. ( the official site of the Hungarian Craft Beer Festival)

How much is the entrance fee to the Craft Beer Festival?

Fozdefeszt Founder Daniel Bart drafting beer at the Budapest Craft Beer Festival

Fozdefeszt Founder Daniel Bart drafting beer – photo by Zoltan Kocsis (NOL)

There is no admission fee, it is a happy and free event.

How to get to the Craft Beer Festival

Mikszath Kalman Square is in District VIII, close to the city centre of Budapest.

Tram to Fozdefeszt

Take tram 4 or 6 on the Grand Boulevard (running along both the Buda and Pest side touching among others Szell Kalman Square, Margaret Bridge, Nyugati Train Station, Oktogon Square, Blaha Square, Petofi Bridge) and get off at Harminckettesek tere tram station.

Metro to Fozdefeszt

The festival is also easy to approach with metro. Take the blue line, and get off at M3 Kalvin Square metro station, then take a 5 min walk to Mikszath Square.

Map of Fozdefeszt Beer Festival Budapest

Fozdefeszt 2012

Fozdefeszt September 2012

Contact – For further info you can contact them at fozdefeszt [at]
And a short atmosphere video of the Hungarian Craft Beer Festival in Budapest from June 2012:

If you like craft beer in Budapest, visit the official Facebook page of Fozdefeszt Budapest here.


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