Restaurants in Budapest

Budapest is an excellent travel destination to eat well, especially at the best restaurants in Budapest, many of which are good value for money. You can eat well, and beyond the traditional Hungarian cuisine, and luckily prices are still favourable or very reasonable.

Lunch in Budapest - photo by Brett Jones

Lunch in Budapest – photo by Brett Jones

Budapest Dining Guide

As a start, here is our Budapest Dining Guide, and the list of the Top 50 Restaurants in Budapest.

Foodies and gourmets can get the recommendations of authoritative restaurant guides: e.g. picking the best restaurants in Budapest in the Michelin Guide.
There are some places to eat in Budapest with live music, including Hungarian restaurants with Gypsy music.

Most restaurants have a great menu for meat eaters but vegetarians can also enjoy superb meals at Indian restaurants and other vegetarian places to eat in Budapest.

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Cosmopolitan Dining in Budapest

Budapest is a real cosmopolitan city, so many of its best restaurants are not Hungarian, but international or from all over, let’s see:

Dining Traditional Hungarian Foods

We love Hungarian food, and excellent Hungarian restaurants, but we not only grew up eating Hungarian dishes and other wonderful meals in the melting pot of the Carpathian basin, but we also have a rule of thumb for you.

Hungarian Goulash Soup - photo by Ervin Guth

Hungarian Goulash Soup – photo by Ervin Guth

If you want to try some Hungarian cuisine, try to schedule it for lunch time, so you can have a whole afternoon to digest the heavier dishes, and maybe have something lighter, more Mediterranean or French for dinner.

Let’s face it, heavy, stodgy Hungarian meals like goulash, stew, chicken paprika with sour cream, fish soup and the like are full of flavours and calories but unfortunately lacking in healthy salads, veggies, and light steamed side dishes, or marinated delicacies, which make them a less optimal choice for the end of the day. Even the Hungarian snacks like Langos and Roszti are on the heavy side. So if you want to help your stomach a bit, make your first dive into the big dish of Hungarian culinary wonders gentler. Try them in the middle of the day.

Many Hungarians avoid eating the so called ‘traditional Hungarian dishes’ for dinner time, and will opt for the less known but lighter ‘Fozelek’ (steamed vegetables with sour cream and roux) with some meat or egg, and the like. But goulash is typically not a dinner dish. And it is a soup, not a stew in Hungary. Don’t be surprised to get something more watery than you expected. :) Goulash soup is only sold in Hungary, where it is from. Other countries and can makers sell some kind of stew mocked goulash.


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