Black List: Bars, Clubs in Budapest Hungary

The Black List of Bars, Night Clubs in Budapest, Hungary – Avoid

DO NOT go to these clubs, not even for a drink. There have been “multiple reports of victimization” received by the US Embassy in some of the following bars, while other bars got very very bad reviews and forum postings from fellow travellers. Most of the dangerous places are in fact night clubs. The striptease clubs of Budapest are concentrated in the very heart of the city, which is the 5th district, most notably along the pedestrian shopping street, Vaci utca.

Night Clubs to Avoid in Budapest, Hungary

Night Clubs to Avoid in Budapest, Hungary

There are truly humiliating and sad stories of victimized tourists in night clubs. Do not enter them even for a drink, as heavyweight bouncers and lap dancers will force you to leave incredible sums plus threaten your life. So do not fall for cheap drinks or live music promises either. Important: do not even enter the place. You may enter for free, but you will pay heavily for leaving the place (up to 3,000 euros or more). Even if your taxi drive tells you that he takes you to a wonderful night club in Budapest, think twice: he gets great commission for each referred client. Take it seriously, and AVOID these bars in Budapest, Hungary:

  • Aphrodite Akropolis Club (address: Kecskemeti utca 17, Budapest) – shocking stories of abuse of Aphrodite Night Club
  • Black and White Club, The (address: Galamb utca, Budapest)
  • Caligula Bar (address: Szilagyi Erzsebet fasor 37-39. Budapest)
  • Captain Jack’s Club, Budapest
  • City Center Club and restaurant (address: Vaci utca, Budapest)
  • Club Mephisto (address: Vaci utca, Budapest)
  • Club Fair Play on (address: Ulloi ut 66/a, Budapest)
  • Crazy Horse (address: Kiss Jozsef utca 4., Budapest)
  • Diamond Club (address: Bimbo ut 3, Budapest)
  • Dolce Vita, La (address: Oktober 6 utca 8., Budapest)
  • Ecstacy Club (with ‘c’), Budapest
  • Eden club (address: Andrassy ut. 54.) Most reviews mention: ‘overpriced’ ‘intimidated’ ‘not so nice’ ‘avoid’
  • Flashdance (address: Vaci utca, Budapest)
  • Fontana Cabaret (address: Vaci utca, Budapest)
  • Fortuna Club (address: Fortuna utca 4., Budapest).
  • Galaxia Restaurant, Bar (address: Becsi utca 3., Budapest)
  • Grand Boulevard Club (address: Budapest)
  • La Dolce Vita (address: Oktober 6 utca 8., Budapest)
  • Lola (the same as Nirvana) (address: Szent Istvan korut, Budapest)
  • Mambo Club (address: Hegyalja ut 2., Budapest)
  • Mercy Club and Lounge (address: Dohany utca 88., Budapest)
  • Milady Bar (address: Szent Istvan korut. 15, Budapest)
  • Muskatli Espresso (address: Regos utca 8., Budapest)
  • Nirvana Club (address: Szent Istvan korut, Budapest)
  • Pigalle Night Club (address: Kiss Jozsef utca 1-3., Budapest)
  • Piccolo bar (address: Vaci utca, Budapest)
  • Regi posta – Fortuna Band (address: Regi Posta utca 5-7., Budapest – only with outside elevator)
  • Showgirls Nightclub
  • Sweet Milk (address: Hold utca 13., Budapest)
  • Table Dance
  • The Black and White Club (address: Galamb utca, Budapest)
  • Tiamo Nightclub (address: Ferenc korut 19-21., Budapest
  • Torony Eatery
  • Tropical Bar is the same as The Black and White Club (address: Galamb utca, Budapest)
  • Varoskozpont (address: Vaci utca 16., Budapest)
  • Zug-Love (address: Bonyhadi ut 141., Budapest)

List last updated in August, 2009.

And after the long list of night clubs and striptease bars where not to go in Budapest, one of the blog commenters suggested three places where you could go without getting ripped off: “I recommend to go to a) Marylins, b) Hallo Bar or c) Royal Palace.”That is: Marylin Table Dance Club (address: Baross utca 4., Budapest), Hallo Bar (address: Kiraly utca 65, Budapest), Royal Palace Bar (address: Gyori ut 17., Budapest). You can find more votes Strip Clubs on

Definitely DO NOT DO: Further Budapest warnings

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Dear All,

I would like to say I was victim of a financial fraud in a restaurant- BAR in Budapest called “Minyon”, it is a bar at Kiraly utca. The people there instead of charging 750 HUFs they charged 75000 HUF (which is the equivalent to 252 Euros), I found out since I checked my balance account and it was obvious that they charged way more. Apparently they do this dis-honest act with tourist, and since I live in Budapest I was able to go back and complain. These people not even made me go back twice to get my money back, but also made me wait a long time and after all the trouble I went, they did not even offer me anything to drink/eat, to at least compensate the trouble.
Avoid going to Minyon Bar

I hope this is useful for future tourists,

Maria Rosell

Dear Maria, thank you for sharing your story with us, so sorry to hear about this bad club experience.

Do not enter in club named Fair Play, they will steal your money, everything you got , even from your creddit card,plus threaten your life !!!

You can add Instant to the list, after my black friend had a fight (some Hungarian lad seeked it out) we just pushed the guy away and told him to stay clear of us and we stood near the entrance witere the bouncers were just in case… but the guy came back WITH the bouncers and they took us outside and punched me after I tried to say what really happened.. and then when I asked outside why one of the bouncers punched me the same guy pepper sprayed me as the other 4 bouncers tried to calm me down (none of them spoke english.. fyi)

Top Budapest Travel Guide

Hello Jeffrey, we are extremely sorry that you have had such an awful ordeal in one of the top Budapest ruin bars, Instant Bar. Instant is not only one of our most recommended places to visit in Budapest nightlife, but also one of the few leading ruin pubs / bars with over 80,000 likes on Facebook, and great programmes. I have forwarded your complaint to their email address at [email protected], and hope that they will address the issue, and at least have some proper bouncers who are not quick to pepper spray people. I believe that the bouncer could have been fairer, but due to lack of language skills in English it must have been completely impossible to keep a peaceful atmosphere. At any rate, people who get into fight in bars are automatically kicked out, and not treated very nicely. Your description sounds as if your friend responded to a violent remark or move (am I right?), and did get into a fight, rather than ignoring the lad or trying to transfer the “some Hungarian lad” problem to the bartenders who speak English, or perhaps the bouncers, or other security people, who you say do not speak English. The single Hungarian lad or an ill chosen bouncer can drag down the reputation of even the best place in any city in Europe or the UK. You are right, this was a bad example, but we believe that a great bar with thousands of good programmes and happy people should not be put on the black list for a badly chosen employee or a guest whose mouth is foul. I hope you agree. We hope that Instant will reply to your complaint. Sorry about the incident again. Please send our regards to your friend.

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