Zona Taxi Budapest Airport Transfer

Zona Taxi Budapest Airport Transfer

Zona Taxi was the official winner of the Hungarian government tender for airport taxi transfers (it was the official taxi company until December 2010, then followed by Fotaxi). That being said, it is more important that most travelers are quite satisfied with Zona Taxi services. Zona Taxi has four different rates depending on which zone (or zona in Hungarian) you wish to go to. See the photo, which shows the major Budapest taxi zones. The taxi fleet consists of Mercedes and Volkswagen, and you can order Zona taxis online (4 hours before departure).

As you arrive at Liszt Ferenc International Airport in Budapest, and step out of the terminal hall (applies for both terminals)… Wait, let’s go back to the terminal ATM and get some cash for the taxi fare (about 6,000HUF), so as you stroll out of the hall, you will literally bump into the Zona Fo taxi cab service booths (if you want to get Zona taxi to do the job, call them). You simply provide the destination address, then you will get a card based on the distance within Budapest (there are 23 districts so it is a big area). When you get in the cab, and show your Zona Taxi card, your taxi ride begins: it usually takes about 30 minutes to get to Budapest city center. When you arrive, you settle the total bill (regardless of how many passengers you had for that single destination) of approx. 4500 HUF (18 euros or 28 USD or 14 GBP) with the taxi driver (it is customary to give about 10% tip, or to round up the sum), and can keep the card you were given at the airport taxi booth.

More about Budapest taxis, and dos and don’ts for getting a taxi in Budapest Hungary.


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