Food of World Festival at Hungexpo Budapest 2012

Food of World Festival at Hungexpo Budapest 2012

The Food of World Nations’ Tastes and WinesFestival in Budapest invites you to a gastronomy tour.

Tastes and Wines Festival Budapest (Food of World Fair)

Tastes and Wines Festival Budapest (Food of World Fair)

Launched in 2011, this year it will be the second Food of World Festival and as with every new festival, and good foods and wines, plus many happy people, we can only hope that it will stick around for many years. Hungexpo is quite a ride from the city center, but if you like trying and tasting many good foods, wines, don’t miss it. Between the 23rd and 25th of November visitors may choose from the menu of top-class restaurants and taste the wines of numerous wine-houses.

You can learn various cooking techniques and select among unique and superior quality food to take home and prepare the new recipes. There will be opportunity to watch famous people tackling with kitchen tasks, meet the team of and gain insight into the way how they like Italian food plus see how wine and macaron fit togehter.

Some music bands make the event more colourful; the Kerekes Band will amuse the visiors on Friday, in addition the Vivat Bacchus and the Balkan Fanatik will boost the mood on Saturday.

2 in 1 Event

The Winter Fun event opens its door parallel with the Food of the World exhibition. This new exhibition combines the atmostphere of the Advent and winter-travel fairs. The fair of winter experiences provides full-day programs for children and adults as well. You can visit both exhibitions with the same ticket.

More about the Food of World Festival in Budapest here: watch the video of the food festival and fair from 2011.


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