Fridge Festival Budapest 2012 Cancelled

Fridge Festival Budapest 2012 Cancelled

Fridge Festival 2012  has been cancelled by the organisers. The winter opening sports and music festival has been a great success for over 12 years, but the Budapest Fridge Festival 2012 had to be cancelled. Instead try to make it to the Snowattack Warm-up Party on November 9 at the Hungexpo: Chase and Status, DubFX, Andro, DJ O’Neal, Revolution. See the details for the cancelled snow festival below.

Budapest Snowattack

Budapest Snowattack 2012

The official statement says that there was an amateur programme in the City Park (by the ice rink), which was too noisy, so the organisers decided to cancel the festival this year. Strangely enough, everyone is surprised by the reasons for the sudden cancellation of Budapest Fridge. Why? The cancellation was made public at the end of September (Sep 28). By that time the line up of the many concerts of Fridge Festival should have already been in formation.Let’s also add that the festival was first scheduled for October 2012, then for November 2012. Was the management lacking some resources. We don’t know. Fans, who have been long looking forward to the trance – downtempo – breakbeat – psychedelic – electronic music – are disappointed for sure.

Let’s just say no matter why, this year’s Fridge Budapest event was thrown out of the window.

After the bad news, the good news: next year’s Fridge Festival in Budapest will be organised by the Sziget Festival management, so we can expect a kick ass winter festival, sports events, and of course, lots of excellent concerts. Mark Fridge Festival 2013 in your calendar, and keep an eye on their Fridge facebook page.

To continue with the good news, the fraction of the lineup of Fridge Festival will come to Budapest: Snowattack. See the poster.



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