Halloween Festival in Budapest

Halloween Festival in Budapest

Halloween festivals and things to do are growing year by year in Budapest, including all sorts of Halloween parties in the city, like the Halloween Boat Party Budapest.

As for festivals, there will be some small scale Halloween Festivals in Budapest, so small, that we would rather call it a Halloween evening gathering, friendly meeting rather than a ‘festival’. The main feature of these open air Halloween festivals is the lantern, the handcrafted pumpkin lanterns and lots of families from Hungary and also expats living in Hungary.

Of course, if you want put on some fancy dress, do not hesitate for a moment, especially if you are heading to a party in the city.

Heroes Square – Pumpkin Lantern Contest

One of the Halloween Festivals in Budapest takes place on the gigantic Heroes Square, usually from 7pm to 9pm: at 7pm everyone starts to place their hand made lanterns somewhere on the Heroes Square (Hosok tere) by the statues. When all are on display, the lantern contest starts, and the maker of the lantern with the highest number of votes will get a kilo of chocolate. Bear in mind that this is a free event, non profit, so there will be nothing fancy, just people coming together to show their lanterns, and collect some cans of foods for a charity organisation (Feeding Children in Hungary).

Vorosmarty Square – Dress Up in Costumes

Oct 31 there is another smaller festival to celebrate Halloween on Vorosmarty Square, from approx 6pm to 9pm. The little Halloween come together on Vorosmarty ter, downtown Budapest, features people wearing fancy dresses / holding a lantern / chatting / drinking etc.

Halloween Parties in Budapest

Although Halloween partying is still something just sneaking into Hungary, there will be some parties, e.g. the one for adults on the Halloween Boat Party.

Halloween Festivals in Budapest


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