History of Hungary in 5 Minutes – Budapest Travel Guide on Video

History of Hungary in 5 Minutes – Budapest Travel Guide on Video

If you want to learn about the history of Hungary in 5 minutes in a short and concise way, you can take a look at the first few minutes of this Budapest travel guide video, which was recorded by one of the tourists visiting Hungary and taking part in a free walking tour in Budapest.

You will hear about where Hungarians came from (the Magyar people now living in Hungary), how the tribal leaders of the Hungarian tribes had a blood pact, how they settled down in 896 in the Carpathian basin (after wandering, hunting, gathering all over Asia), how the first Hungarian king, Stephen (later St Stephen) realized that the Hungarians need to convert to Christianity from paganism in order to survive as a nation in the Christian Europe. What we Magyar people got good things and bad things from the Mongols, the Turkish, the Austrians, the Germans and the Russians who took turns to invade Hungary always adding something from their culture (e.g. Turkish baths, Austrian pastries, etc.), but always taking away … a lot.

The rest of the video is also quite informative, and goes on to describe some Budapest attractions, with interesting anecdotes (e.g about the Little Princess statue by the Danube Promenade) although some recent changes have happened since the time of the tour (e.g. the Club under Elisabeth Bridge, which is one of the best Budapest bars, was once called ‘Godor’ or Ditch in English, but is now called Aquarium).

You will even hear a typical joke about the most classic car of communism, the Trabant, which, believe it or not was made from cardboard. And so so many people were happy to have the noisy, smelly, tiny Trabants after many years of waiting and waiting (in Communism one had to wait for ages for everything from having a flat, through owning a car, or being able to buy decent meat in the shop). Please enjoy this free tour of Budapest.

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