Palinka & Sausage Festival Budapest – October 2012

Palinka & Sausage Festival Budapest – October 2012

The 2012 edition of the much awaited Palinka & Sausage Festival Budapest is coming in early October. This time the guest spirits will be Tequila. Besides the palinkas, sausages and other foods and drinks, there will be lots of music to enhance your spirits.

Palinka & Sausage Festival in the Buda Castle

Palinka & Sausage Festival in the Buda Castle

Date: 4-7 October, 2012

Venue: Buda Castle Budapest (Lion’s Yard)

The Palinka and Sausage Festival will give you a chance to taste the national Hungarian spirits called Palinka and the Mexican spirits, Tequila. To boot, you can sample the Hungarian sausages, and of course lots of other traditional Hungarian foods, including vegetarian snacks (like Langos, the savoury pizza like snack, or Dodolle, the Hungarian potato noodles).

As usual, the gastro/drink festival will take place in one of the most beautiful Budapest attractions, in fact a UNESCO world heritage site, in the Buda Castle on the Castle Hill. Yes, the Brandy (Palinka) and Sausage (Kolbasz) Festival will be  in a fascinating historical site, on the hilly Buda side of Budapest with excellent views over the river Danube, which divides the city of Budapest into two distinct parts, Buda and Pest.

What can you taste at the October festival? Palinka or brandy from the best distillers in Hungary, and sausages from the top Hungarian sausage makers (there is a lot more than Pick and Herz when it comes to Hungarian sausages). You can even talk to the masters to get insights about their brandy / sausage making philosophy.

Palinka & Sausage Festival Budapest, Hungary

Palinka & Sausage Festival Budapest, Hungary

In addition, there will be a guest country. In 2011, it was Russia, in 2012 it is Mexico. There is little chance that you can possibly stay sober unless you focus on keeping your wits very hard. Please note that the courtyards of the Buda Castle are covered in cobble stone, so try to make sure that you can still navigate safely on the bumpy service.

Palinka is quite strong (i.e. very strong), so a few sips can quickly unbalance your mind and lift your spirits. Try to move around to feel that you are still OK and facing the challenge of palinkas, rather than just sitting around and letting palinka win. If you can, get a few friends with you just to be on the safe side. If you are a solo traveller, palinka will make you some good friends anyway, no worries, you will not be let down.

You can try the famous palinkas and tequilas if you are over 18 years old. Under 18s will not be served alcohol, under 14s can usually enter free of charge.

Happy Hungarian Palinka

Happy Hungarian Palinka

Date of Palinka & Sausage Festival, Budapest

October 4 – 7, 2012, with opening hours as planned below:

  • Thursday: 2 pm -midnight
  • Friday: 2 pm-2 am
  • Saturday:1 noon -2 am
  • Sunday: noon – midnight

Opening hours – Palinka & Sausage Festival, Budapest

The opening hours at the festival are quite long, giving chance for late night parties, which is quite special, considering that the festival is taking place in a historic place, in the Buda Castle.

with opening hours as planned below:

  • Thursday: 2 pm -midnight
  • Friday: 2 pm-2 am
  • Saturday:1 noon -2 am
  • Sunday: noon – midnight

Admission fees – Palinka & Sausage Festival, Budapest

We do not know the details of the Palinka and Sausage Festival yet, but daily ticket prices will be approx. HUF 3,000 (including a palinka tasting glass) valid for one entry. Passes for 4,500 HUF on the other hand, are valid for multiple entries. The price of the pass to the festival includes a wristband, a tasting glass), and the PayPass card upon first entrance.

PayPass card is the special currency at the festival. Free entrance for under 14s.

Programme at Palinka & Sausage Festival, Budapest 2012

The organisers have not published the detailed programmes yet, but you can expect world music, folk and jazz concerts throughout the festival. (And some self proclaimed singers encouraged by the palinkas – Hungarians love singing and drinking for sure).

PALINKA exhibitors at Palinka & Sausage Festival, Budapest 2012

We have the list of last year’s Hungarian distillers, but not for the 2012 Palinka and Sausage Festival.

Brandy exhibitors from last year:

895 Hunnium | Árpád és Vadász Pálinka | Békési Pálinkárium
Bestillo Pálinkaház | Bezerics Pálinkák | Brill Pálinkaház
Etyeki Czimeres Pálinka | Fruktárium Pálinkaház | Gusto Pálinkák
Gyulai Pálinka Manufaktúra | Hegyközi Manufaktúra Kft.
Kecskeméti Pajor Pálinka | Márkházi Pálinkák | Márton és Lányai
Matheus Pálinkaház | Nobilis Pálinkák | Ördögi Pálinkák
Panyolai Pálinkák | Rézangyal | Rézangyal Magyarország röviden
Spiritus Primus | Villányi Pálinka | Hírös Kecskeméti Pálinkaház
Zsindelyes Pálinkafőzde

SAUSAGE exhibitors at Palinka & Sausage Festival, Budapest 2011

Sausage masters from last year (watch out for the Mangalica pork sausages – you know, the Hungarian hairy pig, Mangalitsa with lower cholesterol and smooth beautiful flavours?) :

PalatinusHús Lukullus Kft. | Borda Húsfeldolgozó Szilváshús
Pick Szeged Zrt. | Mangalica & Társai Húspatika

Official Facebook page of the festival here.


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