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The beautiful 19th century building of the Danube Palace in Budapest is the regular host of the Hungarian themed symphony concerts, which centre around world famous pieces of classical music strongly related to the Hungarians or Hungarian culture, like the Chardash of Monti or Long live the Read more

Hungarian Folk Dances are very colourful, vivid, happy and will surely make your legs want to move too. In the unique, award winning Hungarian Folk Dance shows you can see the beautiful Hungarian folk costumes, authentic Hungarian dresses (still inspiring modern fashion motifs), you can Read more

Here is the Seating Plan of the Danube Palace (Duna Palota), Budapest. The neo-baroque Danube Palace, the 19th century former Casino of Budapest Downtown, is the venue of several outstanding performances, including Hungarian Folk Dance Shows in Budapest, classical music concerts, romantic weddings, etc. The seats Read more