Budapest Playhouses: Indoor Play Houses

Spending a family vacation in Budapest with children often raises the question what to do on rainy days or on summer days when the heatwave sets in Europe, how to save the holiday fun in the Hungarian capital? Now, one of the viable answers is by visiting an indoor playhouse! The following list is a guide only, please check the playhouse you pick to visit for further details to avoid disappointments. Note: many of the playhouses are closed on public holidays, but not all (the largest indoor playhouse, Elevenpark, is only closed on Dec 24, but open all year round).

The list includes the bigger and the smaller indoor playhouses in Budapest. If you want to have indoor big slides, bouncy castles, etc. skip the list of smaller ones, which are lovely with toddlers, but perhaps less satisfactory with school children or young teens, who need more space and a lot more physical movement than a 3 step plastic slide can provide.

In the following guide we have grouped the indoor playhouses in three lists:

  • downtown playhouses in Budapest: as they are on the small side, mostly they are suitable for under 4 children, unless you are happy to take the kids to a less bouncy and more creative playhouse (see below the list for options for role playing or decorations)
  • big playhouses in Budapest with lots of space and fun structures: fun for all, from crawlers to teens
  • small or smallish playhouses in Budapest for toddlers and little kindergarten children (under 4)

Budapest City Centre Playhouses

Indoor playhouses in downtown Budapest can be a gem, as they are like a tiny island on a wet or hot day.

  • Mazsola Playhouse: Budapest, District V (close to Szabadsag Square), suitable for kids under 4
  • Mini City Role Play House: Budapest, District VI (by Nyugati Train Station), suitable for kids over age 4
  • Gipszkorszak Plaster Decoration Playhouse: Budapest, District VII (Gozsdu Courtyard, Jewish Quarter), painting plasters, suitable for kids over age 4

Big Indoor Playhouses in Budapest for 0-12 Kids

Big or biggish play houses in Budapest are growing in Budapest, suitable for toddlers, kids and young teens (up to about 12 years old) with bouncy castles, huge ball houses, rope castles, etc.. They are fun, but not too close to downtown. But the public transport in Budapest is very good, so you can get to the playhouses in about 20-45 min from the city centre of Budapest (Deak Square)

  • Budapest Zoo Allatkert Playhouse: Budapest District XIV, in the City Park. Playhouse for tiny toddlers, separate areas for bigger children, cafe, and a ton of further things to do with children. Our number 1 choice for all this combination.
  • Elevenpark: Budapest, District XI. The XL playhouse is the flagship big fun house of Budapest, Hungary, and possibly one of the biggest ones in Central Eastern Europe.
  • Palace of Wonders: Budapest District XXII (in Campona Shopping Mall). Also here: Kalandpark Playhouse and Tropicarium Zoo. Easily takes up a day, but minimum half a day. Off the city centre, but lots of fun. The Palace of Wonders is the smart playhouse and tech museum of Budapest, and of Central Eastern Europe.
  • Kolyok Obol Playhouse: Budapest District XI (in Kopaszi Gat Park, just below Rakoczi Bridge): a great riverside place by the Danube with lots of outdoor and indoor things to do. Easy to spend a whole day here with the family.
  • Kolyokvadon Playhouse: Budapest District XIV (in Recsei Center, close to the City Park and Puskas Ferenc Stadium)
  • Szocskevar Playhouse: Budapest, District XIII (not far from Lehel Market Hall)
  • KolyokPark Playhouse: Budapest District XII (in Mammut Shopping Mall Budapest, 15 min from the Buda Castle Hill)
  • Sugar Playhouse: Budapest District XIV (by M2 Red Metro Line terminal on Ors Vezer Sq and IKEA Shop)
  • Kackac Playhouse (in Koki Terminal Shopping Mall, Budapest, Budapest, District XIX)
  • Lurdy Kalandpark: Budapest District IX, Adventure Park and Playhouse in Lurdy Shopping Mall
  • Pirez Playhouse by the Danube at Petofi Bridge is not a big playhouse, but they have lots of things to do for bigger children (3-12): capoeira junior classes, dancing, football tricks, etc.

Small Indoor Playhouses Budapest for 0-4 Kids

Smaller or smallish indoor play houses in Budapest are very popular. The list is not comprehensive, for instance, we have not included the playhouses on the outskirts of Budapest, in districts which are quite far from the city centre, or from attractions and hidden gems.

  • Parksarok Playhouse: Budapest, District XIII (by Szent Istvan Park, not far from Margaret Bridge)
  • Grubedli Playhouse: Budapest District XIII (not far from the Budapest Railway Museum)
  • Kid Spirit Playhouse: Budapest, District I
  • Nefelejcs Playhouse: Budapest, District II
  • Mikka Makka: Budapest, District II
  • Kopevar Playhouse: Budapest, District III (in Uj Udvar Mall)
  • Kolyokvilag Playhouse: Budapest, District III (near the Tesco on Becsi Way)
  • Kisvakond Playhouse: Budapest, District XII
  • Jump and Slide: Budapest, District IX (close to Klinikak M3 Metro station)

Please feel free to add your suggestions for new playhouses, or fun houses for kids in Budapest. Also, please let us know if any of the above playhouses move to a new address or close down.

Updated July 2018