Personalized Budapest Visit Planner

Our tailor made Budapest Visit Planner is like a  free ‘concierge‘, the first of its kind.

Anna Sebestyen - Top Budapest visit planner

Anna Sebestyen – Top Budapest visit planner

Do you need help with planning your amazing trip to Budapest? Tips for the best restaurants near your hotel? Know about hidden gems? Get info about the best events (concerts, theatre performances, festivals) during your Budapest stay? How to avoid tourist traps in Budapest? How to save money in Budapest? What about great deals? Let us help you with your itinerary and optimise your Budapest visit plan. Budapest can be absolutely wonderful and cool, great value for your money, if your trip is planned with care and local expertise.

Our visit planner is donation based (we do not get financial support from the city of Budapest or the Hungarian state), so if you like what you get, you are welcome to donate for our services, if not, you have received our personalized Budapest Visit Planner for free.

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Our visit planner is the founder of, Anna Sebestyen, a professional travel guide who has lived more than 17 years in Budapest, Hungary. You can contact Anna at topbudapest [at] gmail [dot] com.

Tastes, budgets and priorities differ, and once you invested in your Budapest stay and paid for the flight and the hotel room, the only thing you need is a list of places, events and activities that are truly satisfactory for You. Most travel guides satisfy the ‘average tourist’, a person who only exists in statistics, but not in real life. So here we are to help you to make the most out of your Budapest trip, and get the best value for your money.

Our customized Budapest Visit Planner will take into consideration your preferences, and time of arrival. We do not gather visitor data, so you  are free to share with us any info you want, and we will tailor your programme based on your info.

What do we need to put together your personal Budapest visit plan?

  • Date of arrival and departure: Budapest programmes change with the seasons, and of course there are many things to do on certain days. This is the most important info you need to send us at topbudapest [at] gmail [dot] com.
  • People: how many people do we need to plan for? Are you coming alone? Or are you coming with your family or friends, as a couple? Do we need to include programmes for the kids or suggest walking tours for senior citizens? Let us know.
  • Preferences: are you interested in arts, history, wellness, nature, Budapest baths, fun, parties or sparties? Are you vegetarian and need special advice on Budapest vegetarian places we recommend? Are you travelling with a baby or a toddler? Are you taking a whole class for a Budapest educational trip? Or do you have a pet to look after? We will do our best to offer you programmes, places and services that cater for your specific needs.

We usually answer within 7-14 days – depending on the number of emails that keep pouring in (more in and before the high season). If you need an urgent Budapest Visit Planner in 24-72 hours, let us know. We need to charge 15 euros for urgent Budapest concierge plans. (Payment is via PayPal – as seen above).

Disclaimer: Travel Guide does not receive compensation from hotels, tour companies, etc. Any business relationship with Budapest tourism companies will be clearly indicated.

Top Budapest has partner companies whose prices are the same whether you buy the tickets from them, or through us, no extra costs.

Our current partners:

  • Hungaria Concert Ltd (exclusive organisers of the national folk dance shows, one of the organisers of boat tours on the river Danube, exclusive online retailers of Budapest Baths online tickets and massages).

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