Dos & Don’ts in Budapest

What are the Dos and Don’ts in Budapest?

Dos and Donts - dress code for tourists in Budapest churches

Dos and Donts – dress code for tourists in Budapest churches – photo by Iwan Gabovitch

Here are some things to avoid in Budapest: basically a mixture of tips and warnings based on Budapest tourists’ forum posts, the Hungarian US Embassy’s warnings, fellow travellers’ blog posts, comments, interviews with expats living in Budapest, and more. If you have important info to share, please do not hesitate to contact us: email to TopBudapest [at] gmail [dot] com to help us keep our list fresh, informative and as objective as possible.

Definitely DO NOT DO: Budapest warnings

Ladies of the Night – Budapest Butterflies

Don't take your Cocker Spaniel to the Budapest Post Office

Don’t take your Cocker Spaniel dog to the Budapest Post Office – photo by Dan Winckler

Some hotel lobbies, Budapest luxury hotel gardens will be frequented by ladies (and gents) of the night. Not really family friendly, so if you are staying with your significant other and kids, it may be a better option to pick a non-business hotel.

Budapest is not Bucharest

If there is a way to tread on a swollen big toe of a Hungarian citizen, it is to confuse Bucharest with Budapest. Bucharest is a long way from Budapest in Romania. Budapest is the capital city of Hungary, while Bucharest is the capital of Romania. Budapest is often associated with the god Buddha, although the name does not refer to Buddha (Buda is an old Hungarian male name).

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