National Holiday Rallies in Budapest

What if your Budapest stay includes a Hungarian national holiday?

Avoid Hungarian rallies on national holidays

National Holiday Rallies in Budapest, Hungary

National Holiday Rallies in Budapest, Hungary

Hungarians have a passionate history.

The left and right wing parties, and Hungarian people in general have different views about how the country should be led best.

The relatively young democracy (born in 1989 in Hungary) still breeds its controversial affairs.

Around some historical national holidays, you might witness some rallies, demonstrations in the streets of Budapest, mostly in the neighborhood of the Parliament area, i.e. Kossuth square and Szabadsag square, and around the Heroes square / Hosok tere.

Avoid these areas on Hungarian national holidays.

See the list of Hungarian National Holidays and keep in mind that March 15 and Oct 23 are the highlights of airing political dissatisfaction.

In 2009 Feb, the US Embassy wrote (just before the upcoming March 15 national holiday): “During the upcoming months, the probability of both scheduled and unscheduled rallies, protests and demonstrations is high.

Over the past two years many of these gatherings have involved direct police action. Here are some tips for personal security if you get caught in one such action:

  • Immediately leave area, by the quickest means, by personal vehicle, on foot, by taxi, or by public.
  • Know where you are and have a plan. Do not picture the city as constantly charged with tension and political rallies. But do check out the dates of March 15, Oct 23, and avoid the neighborhood of the Parliament.
  • Budapest citizens will also help you to keep safe from accidental confrontations around these dates. Before leaving your country, check out the latest news what is going on in Budapest.

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