Budapest FAQ: Tips & Info for Budapest Tourists

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Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest

Fisherman’s Bastion, Budapest (photo by Pedro Szekely)

Budapest FAQ

Where is Budapest Hungary? –  Budapest FAQ

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary is in Central-Eastern Europe. More details and map images here.

Is Budapest a safe city?  – Budapest FAQ

The answer is a definite yes with some caution. See more details about how safe Budapest is and what recent crime levels are.

Where is the city centre in Budapest?  – Budapest FAQ

There are 23 districts in Budapest: districts 5, 6 and 7 are usually referred to as city centre districts. On maps you will see District V, District VI, District VII, respectively. Read more about Budapest city centre here.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary (photo by Pedro Szekely)

Which side is better, Buda or Pest in Budapest?  – Budapest FAQ

The Buda side is calmer and the Pest side is more active. You can hear the silence at night on the hilly Buda side, while you can hear the nightlife on the Pest side. So which is better for you? Read more tips, infos on Buda or Pest here.

What visa is required for Budapest Hungary? – Budapest FAQ

Entry visas are not required for EU citizens, and tourists from the USA, Australia, Canada if you stay less than 3 months. More details on Visa Hungary here.

Which is the best Budapest route planner?  – Budapest FAQ

Depending on what means of transport you wish to use (car, public transport, bicycle, foot) various Budapest route planners are available to help you on your way.

Soviet soldier statue in Budapest

Soviet soldier statue in Budapest (photo by Zsolt Andrasi)

How Long Should I Stay in Budapest?  – Budapest FAQ

Stay minimum 3 days, possibly more. Read more about How Long To Stay in Budapest?

What is the Currency in (Budapest) Hungary?  – Budapest FAQ

No, it is still not the euro, it is the Hungarian Forint (HUF or Ft).

More tips and info on the Hungarian currency here.

How much do things cost in Budapest Hungary?  – Budapest FAQ

In this FAQ, we answer questions like ‘How much is a beer in Budapest?’ ‘How expensive is Budapest?’ Our conclusions is that Budapest is relatively cheap for a western traveller. Locals will complain about Budapest being expensive, as they will evidently compare it with their average wages, which are really low. The city can indeed be pricey for a Hungarian.

But if you are a lucky western European, British, Canadian, American, etc. you will find great things and good value for money.

Read more on some average prices in Budapest, Hungary: How Much: Budapest Prices

Budapest and the Danube

Budapest and the Danube (photo by Pedro Szekely)

How much shall I Tip in Budapest?  – Budapest FAQ

The average tipping is 10%. Read more on who and how you need to tip in Budapest?

What are the Opening Hours in Budapest?  – Budapest FAQ

The general rule is that almost all places of interest (shops, museums, restaurants, etc.) are open from 10am to 5pm from Mon to Fri. However, there are variations. And of course groceries open much earliers. See more details on Budapest opening hours

Car Rental in Budapest Hungary?  – Budapest FAQ

Renting a car in Budapest Hungary? While it would be really fun to have the need for speed in a revamped vintage Trabant-horse cart, you cannot get such post-communist vehicles, so you will have to make do with normal modern cars from economy cars through mini vans to limousines. But before you rent a car, here are some tips for Car Rental Budapest

Can you drink the tap water in Budapest Hungary?  – Budapest FAQ

Yes, tap water is safe to drink. Read more info on drinking waters in Budapest.

What is the Weather like in Budapest?  – Budapest FAQ

Budapest is most friendly around late May, early June and at the end of August or early September. Read more about the current and the general weather in Budapest, Hungary.

What time zone is Budapest Hungary in?  – Budapest FAQ

Budapest Hungary time zones:

  • Winter: GMT+1 (GMT plus one)
  • Summer: GMT+2 (GMT plus two)

So if you fly to Budapest Hungary from London or New York, you will lose time when you come here, and gain time when you go back to the UK or USA.

How to make phone calls?  – Budapest FAQ

The country code is 36, and the city code of Budapest is 1. More phone tips with some examples of various calls on Budapest country and city codes.

Emergency Phone numbers in Budapest?  – Budapest FAQ

The top emergency numbers are Ambulance: 104 (in English: 00-36-1-311-1666), Police: 107, Fire Department: 105. See more useful phone numbers in Budapest.

What plug do you need in Budapest Hungary?  – Budapest FAQ

In Hungary, electricity is supplied at 230 V, 50 Hz. Hungarians use 2-pin plugs with rounded metal rods, which are different from the ones used in e.g. the USA, the UK or Japan. A good quality transformer for Hungarian plugs is about 20 euros or 30 USD and can be bought at bigger electric stores in Budapest (e.g. MediaMarkt or Saturn).

Budapest Taxi Numbers – Budapest FAQ

Learn how you can get an easy transfer from Budapest Airport T1, T2 to the city centre, or why you should not flag down a taxi in Budapest and where you can call a reliable cab in Budapest Hungary.

Where are airports in Budapest Hungary? – Budapest FAQ

While there are over 40 airports in Hungary, you will most probably use Liszt Ferenc International Airport Budapest (formerly called Ferihegy). Budapest Airport is about 20km (15 miles) from downtown Budapest. There are two terminals, T2 or Terminal 2A and 2B are for standard international flights, while Terminal 1 or T1 for short is managing cheap Budapest flights. Warning: the two terminals are about a 5-minute taxi or bus ride from each other. See its location compared to the city center on the Budapest Tourist Map indicated with an airplane icon.

Matthias Church Budapest

Matthias Church Budapest (photo by Pedro Szekely)

When are the public holidays in Hungary? – Budapest FAQ

You will find a comprehensive list of public holidays in Hungary on Budapest Blog.

What is the best beer in Hungary? – Budapest FAQ

Hungarians seem to prefer local beers, and Czech beers, especially pilsner-style lagers. See the list of best Hungarian beers here.

What is the best wine in Hungary? – Budapest FAQ

There is no such thing as a single best Hungarian wine, of course. For the recommended wine list and wineries, wine shops read our FAQ about the Best Hungarian Wines.

What are the best restaurants in Budapest? – Budapest FAQ

Our Budapest restaurant guide has detailed info about the best restaurants and diners – including Budapest restaurants in the Michelin guide, and a general restaurant FAQ (about tipping, booking a table, etc.)

Which is the best bath in Budapest? – Budapest FAQ

The best thermal bath in Budapest is probably Szechenyi Spa Bath, but Gellert is very famous for its mind blowing Art Nouveau mosaics. Read our guide on Best Baths, Budapest, or go directly to our Szechenyi Bath FAQ, or Gellert FAQ.

How many People live in Budapest Hungary? – Budapest FAQ

About 10 million people live in Hungary and on the decrease. There are roughly 1.7 million residents in Budapest and more than 3 million in greater Budapest. Read more about Hungarian population here.

What religion are people in (Budapest) Hungary? – Budapest FAQ

Most Hungarians are Christian 66% being Catholic, 28% Protestant. Read more about Hungarian religions here.

What’s the official language in (Budapest) Hungary? – Budapest FAQ

The official language of Hungary is Hungarian. Are you interested in more funny details about Hungarian language?

How many days is it worth spending in Budapest? – Budapest FAQ

Plan at least 3 days for Budapest, but possibly more, say 5-7 days to make the most out of your stay in Budapest Hungary. It’s a fantastic city with a lot to offer in a safe and friendly city environment with a fabulous architectural heritage, nice green spots (even caves), warm baths with healing qualities and parties, loads of pubs, bars and restaurants, and great markets and flea markets to hunt for little treasures. But Budapest still has a lot to improve, and we hope that you won’t feel let down.


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