Budapest Trip Planner

Are you planning your Budapest trip and need useful tips, insightful ideas for what to do, where to stay, when to visit the city and how long to stay in Budapest?

Szechenyi Bath in golden lights at night - belissima Budapest

Szechenyi Bath in golden lights at night – photo Felicia Violi

We have a free Budapest Trip Planner service – based on your travel dates, interests and general preferences, we will help you with planning your itinerary: e.g. which restaurants are good nearby your hotel, which concerts, performances, festivals and fairs will be on when you visit Budapest, which Budapest things to do may be of special interests to you (including hidden gems), etc.

When planning your Budapest trip, use some of the tips from locals below (we have included tourists’ feedback, reviews and ratings from Budapest travel forums and travel sites too).

Is Budapest safe?

Is Budapest, the city of about 2 million people safe? Safe in general, safe for solo travellers and families with small kids? Read our essential info about Budapest safety issues.

How many days to spend in Budapest?

One of the initial trip planning question is how many days should I stay in Budapest. The truth is, ideally 5 or 7, as there many many great attractions, and fascinating things to do in Budapest. The city is quite spread out, so you won’t see all the major sights in the ‘historical heart of the city’ in 1 or 2 days, let alone really enjoying what you can do in the city. Don’t despair, you can always come back for more – like thousands of expats who are either regulars or moved to Budapest.

Which month is it best to visit Budapest?

Needless to say, Budapest is very lively from May to November, but it is not hopeless to spend a good November, a festive December, a new year starter January, a winter farewell February or a hurray-spring-is-back March in Budapest. Take a look at some of the things to do in Budapest – ideas for each month.

What is the weather like in Budapest?

Budapest has four seasons with hot summers, mild springs and autumns and really cold winters. Learn more about the weather in Budapest, Hungary.

Budget planner for your Budapest visit

If you are trying to figure out how much your Budapest visit would cost, how much local currency to change, what are the current prices of Budapest things to do, how much would a lunch or dinner at a good Budapest restaurant cost, we recommend reading our Budapest money matters FAQ.

Do I need a visa for Hungary?

Before you have unpleasant surprises, check any potential visa issues for Budapest, Hungary.

Hungarian Parliament in Budapest - reflection in the river Danube

Hungarian Parliament – reflection in the Danube – photo by Robert Muller