Weather in Budapest

What is the Weather like in Budapest?

The weather in Budapest is usually warm or cool in spring and autumn and hot in summer. The best time to come to Budapest is May-June or the end of August-September, so some time around late spring and early fall. Even though both spring and autumn are capricious, the weather is absolutely T-shirt time.

Crab Catcher Statue on Margaret Island - Budapest Autumn - photo by Kikasz

Crab Catcher Statue on Margaret Island – Budapest Autumn – photo by Kikasz

Summer can be quite hot (just think of the greenhouse effects of any big city). Hot days in summer in Budapest may interchange with occasional storms. Winters in Budapest are typically cold, windy, unfriendly – except for the first two days of snowing, which is beautiful (and then quickly turns into a slush). But there is always a lot of things going on in Budapest, indoor and outdoor, so there’s no need to worry about lack of superb programs.

Here’s today’s Budapest weather forecast in metric / Celsius. Here’s today’s Budapest weather forecast in Fahrenheit.

  • Spring: the average day temperature is 20-25 degrees Celsius or 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit. The spring weather in Budapest is sunny or cloudy, warm or cool – capricious indeed. T-shirt or sweater time. Umbrella and rain coat is a must, even if it looks sunny in the morning. And, yes, love is in the air in Budapest in spring. 🙂
  • Summer: although officially the average Hungarian summer day temperature is 28 degrees Celsius or 82 degrees Fahrenheit, you will most probably feel as if the average temperature was about 30-33 degrees Celsius or 86-91 degrees Fahrenheit. The summer weather in Budapest is hot, sunny, with long dry spells or sudden early afternoon storms with warm rain. Absolutely tank top and T-shirt time, dying for AC or cool water. Cool evenings ensure the best of of party time and night ramblings.
  • Fall/ Autumn: the average temperature is very changing, September can be under the rule of Indian summer with 24 degrees Celsius or 75 degrees Fahrenheit, while November can show winter lows, like 4-6 degrees Celsius or 40-43 degrees Fahrenheit. The fall weather in Budapest is rainy, cloudy, grey, slushy. Sweater & rain coat time.
  • Winter: the average temperature is ranging from -10-5 degrees Celsius or 14-41Fahrenheit. The winter weather in Budapest is cold, windy, grey, rainy and snowy. Sometimes freezing cold. Winter coat time, but many English & Nordic travelers are very much OK in sweaters and flip-flops! (for Hungarians it can be a shocking sight.).

So as you can see the weather in Budapest Hungary is changing with the four seasons and primarily shows the characteristics of the temperate zone (influenced by both the Mediterranean and the Oceanic climatic zones). Moreover, the weather is tamed by the surrounding mountains, as Hungary lies right in the Carpathian Basin, which provides protection from extreme weather conditions.