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Car Rental in BudapestHungary?

Renting a car in Budapest Hungary is about from 20-70 euros or 35-110 USD for a car per day. Car rental would be really fun or devastating in a Trabant-horse cart combo, but there are no such crazy cars available, just the usual car makes from economy cars through mini vans to limousines. But before you rent a car, think over how much you are happy to face the hassle of driving a car in Budapestbased on the the following info:

  • Public transportation in Budapest is very efficient, max waiting is 5-10 minutes and you can reach any point in the city by buses, streetcars, metros, etc. Literally any place without renting a car.
  • If you come to Budapest for a couple of days or weeks, you will most likely travel only in a limited area of downtown Budapest, and your safest bet is the metro lines, which will take you to any city center spot in less than 20 minutes. Metros are clean and safe, somewhat crowded at peak times (at 8-9 am and at 4-6pm) though. But this is the time for big traffic jams too. Even if you decide to go outside Budapest, you may not need a rental car, only a bus or a train as these usually go every half an hour or so!
  • A daily or a 3 day or a weekly BKV (public transport) pass is very affordable, and you can buy it at any public transportation kiosk of metro stations.
  • Parking a car in Budapest can be a nightmare, especially if you don’t know the city. And once you find a parking lot you realize that the hourly rates are pretty high. Add to this that Hungarian traffic wardens like to give little gift bags for cars parking in unauthorized places – yes, fines. Theses unwanted little fines used to come in red plastic bags so most Hungarians know them as Santa Claus packages (Mikulas csomag/ mee-cool-ash cho-mug). Who wants them? And who wants to try to discuss problems and misunderstandings with a Hungarian traffic warden or policeman who does not speak English? (most don’t). Avoid hassle.
  • Driving a car in an unknown big city can be a nightmare with all the one way streets and the different driving culture (e.g. in Hungary drivers do not yield as often as they should, they may not be too polite with pedestrians on zebra crossings, and they will be fast to push the horn and make you feel out of place).
  • Budapest is full of great walking tour places. Walk, enjoy the city, the breeze by the river, the vibrant air at night parties. No need for car in Budapest unless you have a really special need.
  • To boot, you can be proud of yourself by going green in Budapest. Earth Day is only once a year on April 22 in Hungary too. But you can do more for your environment if you share transportation devices. Help reduce pollution in Budapest by choosing Budapest Public Transportation (BKV).
  • Admittedly, taxi rates are not cheap, but using a cab occasionally may be still a better solution than struggling with a rental car in an unknown city and ruining your best Budapest experience.

In short, we would strongly recommend saving your energy, time and money by opting for public transportation passes. But if you do rent a car, please let us know if you were particularly satisfied or dissatisfied with your vendor. Email: topbudapest [at] gmail [dot] com.

What do you need to Rent a Car in Budapest Hungary?

Be over 18 years old if you want to rent a car in Budapest Hungary. Besides, have the following valid documents with you all times:

  • Valid driving licence (extra requirement might be to have a valid driving licence for min 1 year)
  • Valid passport or ID
  • Credit card that is accepted by the car rental company (Visa and Mastercard is a safe bet)
  • Glasses if you are short or long sighted.

Although it is not a must, it is worth renting the type of car that you are used to driving at home. Especially if you are used to automatic gear lever! Most Hungarian drivers do not use automatic gear levers.

What do Car Rental Fees in Budapest Hungary include?

Car Rental Fees in Budapest Hungary typically include the following:

  • unlimited mileage in Hungary
  • third party insurance
  • obligatory CASCO car insurance
  • non-stop free delivery and pick up within the area of Budapest and Ferihegy airport area
  • Hungarian motorway sticker or vignette
  • 24/7 road assistance

Please not that the car rental fee does not automatically include a GPS, which would be very handy if you don not know Hungary. The same refers to AC and music media devices. Before you rent a car make sure that you have everything you need for a safe and comfortable journey. Check the lights, the seats, etc. Also, ask the car rental staff what special rules, speed limits, police situations, scam tricks you may need to know about for your Hungarian car driving practices.

Car Rental Companies in BudapestHungary

Some of the major Car Rental Companies in BudapestHungary are as follows:

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