Avoid Hailing Down a Taxi in Budapest

There are many good ways to get a reliable taxi in Budapest. Hailing them down, however, is not recommended.

Do not Hail Down a Taxi in Budapest, Hungary

Do not Hail Down a Taxi in Budapest, Hungary (photo by Hugo_Fstop)

‘Don’t hail down a taxi in Budapest’ – then what can you do?

Unless you do not mind paying 30-100% more than the average taxi cab rates, do not just hail down a cab. There are several Budapest taxi services, with max 5-15 min waiting time at all times (except for New Year’s Eve, which is a big rip-off and cab vulture time). Contact reliable Budapest Taxi companies easily from your cell phone. Our Budapest taxi guide features a long list of trustworthy taxi companies.

Besides using a reliable taxi company, it is also important to have the right bank notes with you (suggested notes are 1000HUF, 2000HUF).

Here comes one story from Lavera a Danish traveler to Hungary:

” A scam that taxi-drivers seem to pull off if you pay with a 10,000 HUF bill ( equivalent to around 45 euro) is to pretend it is a 1,000 bill and demand that you pay more…

When this happens at night, in the dark of a taxi it is difficult to argue, also you may be taken by surprise as I was, when the driver seemed friendly, and running on a meter.

So just a word of warning, try and avoid 10,000 Huf bills in such circumstances.” It is a scam, which is not so often played, but it is still a good warning.

Definitely DO NOT DO: Further Budapest warnings

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