Official Language in Hungary

What’s the official language in (Budapest) Hungary?

The official language of Hungary is Hungarian, which is not similar to the Slavic, Germanic or Neo-Latin languages.

The Hungarian language is related to the Finno-Ugric languages, most notably the Finnish language (several smaller languages in the family are now out of use or on the way to become obsolete, replaced by Russian).

Some popular words that the English language borrowed from Hungarian are as follows

  • ‘coach’(meaning kocsi, i.e. car, or cart)
  • ‘biro’ for ball point pen (after the family name of the inventor Laszlo Biro, biro originally meaning ‘judge’)
  • Rubik cube or magic cube (after the Hungarian inventor Erno Rubik)
  • ‘goulash’ (gulyas, i.e. stew or vegetable-meat soup)
  • ‘paprika’ (paprika, the spice)
  • ‘hussar’ (huszar, i.e. a member of a European light cavalry unit)
  • Hungarian bred dog names like puli, vizsla, kuvasz and komondor
  • Hungarian bred pig, famous for its low cholesterol levels: mangalica (mangalitsa in English), etc.