Hungarian Population

How many People live in Budapest Hungary?

Approximately 10 million people live in Hungary out of which 2 million live in Budapest (yes, one-fifth of the country, which means that Budapest is the typical destination of urban migration in Hungary).

As for the ethnic profile of Hungary, 92% of the 10 million people are Hungarians, the remaining 8% is mostly Gypsy, German, Serbian, Slovakian, Croatian, Romanian ethnic groups.

Due to Hungary’s troubled historical background, millions of Hungarians emigrated to western countries, and several Hungarian villages and towns became part of the neighbouring countries after WW1 and WW2 (e.g. in northern Serbia there are about 300,000 Hungarians, in Romania, 1.4 million people say they are native Hungarians, etc.).

More and more people in these Hungarian ethnic groups are assimilating or leaving their homes for more competitive cities. According to current estimates, there are 14-15 million people speaking Hungarian all over the world, despite the fact that a German thinker from the 19th century (Herder) predicted that the Hungarian language would disappear, and be soaked up by the surrounding Slavic, Germanic and Romanian languages.