Learning Hungarian in Budapest

Are you looking for a Hungarian teacher, maybe a tutor somewhere downtown Budapest, or a more thorough Hungarian language course?
We assume you already heard or read that Hungarian is not an easy language to put it mildly, and it would be a serious exaggeration to say that Hungarian is a world language (mostly spoken in Hungary and in some of the neighbouring countries like Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, plus in the smallish communities of the Hungarians who fled in 1956 to every nook and corner of the world).

Learning Hungarian in Budapest

Learning Hungarian in Budapest – photo by Europa Kozpont

But if you want to learn Hungarian, we cannot stop you. And we don’t even want to. We respect you for your efforts, so here is the page and the comments to help you.
If you are looking for a Hungarian teacher in Budapest or Hungarian courses in Budapest, just add your comment below and there will be surely some teachers (professional and less professional) who are happy to teach you. Maybe in an exchange for your language?

Go ahead and ask your questions, add your preferences, feel free to look for a Hungarian tutor to have good Hungarian classes. Think of the comments as free classified ads (any by the way, you can try Craigslist too, despite all the internet evolution the website is still going on).

Hungarian Teachers in Budapest

Some of the Hungarian language teachers that have contacted us so far:

  • Kiss Gabriella on HungarianTeacher.com

If you are teaching Hungarian to foreign students, tourists in Budapest, please feel free to add your comments or send us your contact. We will include you in the list above (please link back to Top Budapest Travel Guide)