Contacting the Police in Budapest

Read how to get nonstop official help in Budapest, Hungary.

Uniform of a Hungarian policeman

Uniform of a Hungarian policeman

What should you do if you got into problem in Budapest?

3 things to do:

Contact the Hungarian Police instantly – contact police officer in sight in the street (hopefully (s)he will be supportive and can speak proper English), and / or via phone: if police assistance is needed, call the international emergency telephone number 112, or the Hungarian phone number 107. Please take into consideration the following problem: the police may not clearly understand what your problem is (especially if the English language is a foreign language for both you as a visitor and the police in Hungary). Besides, the Hungarian policemen may run into similar problems to yours by the dozen a week, so they will not take it to their heart so much as your embassy people.

Contact the Tourist Help hot line immediately, call +36-1-438-8080: this is the number one official help channel, and you will surely get an English speaking support who will help you find the nearest police station and help you how to report to the police .

Contact your embassy as soon as possible. They can speak your language for sure, so you can describe your problem with all the subtleties needed. Your embassy will take your matters very seriously, and will instantly provide you with a safety net of ‘getting protection’. The embassy (just like you) will also contact the police on behalf of you. They will have experience with the local police, and they may be able to provide a better translation of your case.

As for the number, +36-1-438-8080: the ‘+’ sign or zero-zero means you initiate an international call (not needed if you call from a Hungarian phone) , 36 is Hungary’s country code (if you call from a Hungarian phone, you need to dial the two digit 06 instead of +36 before the Budapest phone number), number ‘1’ is the regional code of Budapest city, after that comes the actual phone number.

Foreign victims of crimes (scams, pick pocketing, overcharging, car thefts) in Hungary must report their incidents to the police. The Hungarian National Tourist Office has a special, day and night phone number for tourists (+36-1-438-8080) – you can get into contact with an English speaking staff member immediately to give help on how you can file a report to the police, and they will also help you to find the nearest police station.

Be preventive and prepared: save all three phone numbers before your arrival to Hungary: the Hungarian police phone number, the Hungarian Tourist Help line number and your embassy’s number.

Official Badge of the Hungarian Police

Official Badge of the Hungarian Police

Victim Support Service of the Central Office of Justice is to inform you of your rights. Call +36-80 244 444 free (or 06-80 244 444 from a Hungarian line).

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Last updated: May 2018