Where is Budapest Hungary?

Where is Budapest, Hungary?

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary is in Central-Eastern Europe, not far from Vienna in Austria, or Prague in the Czech Republic. No wonder many fast track travellers prefer to have a quick tour touching on Budapest – Vienna – Prague, these three beautiful cities.

See the red balloon in this google map screenshot? It shows Hungary (Magyarorszag in Hungarian)

where is budapest hungary

Where is Hungary?

And this map image shows Budapest with a red ballon, and Prague and Vienna with a blue balloon.

Budapest - Vienna - Prague

Budapest – Vienna – Prague

Budapest is centrally located in Hungary, right on the river Danube, which cuts the city into two parts: Buda and Pest, adding up to ‘BudaPest’. Hungary is a landlocked country, there are no seas, but there are lots of rivers and a big beautiful fresh water lake called Lake Balaton.

The river Danube and the several spa baths built on natural thermal waters still make Budapest a water-based city.