Where is the city centre in Budapest?

Where is the city centre in Budapest, which districts, streets?

There are 23 districts in Budapest (numbered clockwise and indicated by a Roman number as well as the two middle digits of the four-digit zip code).

The super central district is number five, or V with a Roman number (so if you see a postal code that reads 1051, it is in the 5th district).

Budapest city centre in a narrower sense: Districts 5, 6, 7

Budapest city centre: Districts V, VI, VII

City centre districts are as follows:

  • district 5 or V (super central) – Pest side of Budapest
  • district 6 or VI – Pest side of Budapest
  • district 7 or VII – Pest side of Budapest
  • some streets of district 8 or VIII, which are closer to the River Danube – Pest side of Budapest
  • what about District 1? District 1 (the home of Buda Castle Hill, the Royal Palace, etc.) is also in the very heart of the city, on the quieter Buda side of Budapest, just opposite district 5 (which is on the happening Pest side of the river Danube). The 1st District of Budapest may not be referred to as the ‘city centre’ (Belvaros) by many Budapesters. But there is no hard and fast definition of Budapest City centre. District 1 is absolutely part of the historical core of the city, and there are important government and cultural institutions here, but it is not really the place of parties, pubs. It is on the other side. The quieter.

The definition of ‘central’ Budapest refers to both the geographical and the cultural aspects of Budapest Hungary.

Any comments welcome from locals and tourists alike. We are open for a Budapest Belvaros definition debate. 🙂

Note: the list above was made for tourists who come to Budapest and would like to make easy itineraries and book hotels in the city centre. It is not made for historians, real estate brokers, etc.