Seating Plan at the Danube Palace Budapest

Here is the Seating Plan of the Danube Palace (Duna Palota), Budapest. The neo-baroque Danube Palace, the 19th century former Casino of Budapest Downtown, is the venue of several outstanding performances, including Hungarian Folk Dance Shows in Budapest, classical music concerts, romantic weddings, etc.

Please see the picture of the seating plan of Budapest Danube Palace:The seats are gradually rising towards the back, so all seats get good visibility. The stage in the theatre of Duna Palota is approx. 3 feet (1 metre) high, therefore the first few rows are excluded from the best category and are considered second tier.

  • Category 1 means the best seats in the stalls of the theatre in the Danube Palace, with the best views and the highest prices. Category 1 seats are in rows 5 to 13 (including row 13) in the stalls, and the frontal row on the balcony
  • Category 2 means the mid range seats in the stalls of the theatre in the Danube Palace, with average views and affordable prices. Category 1 seats are in rows 1 to 4, plus rows 14 and 15 at the back of the stalls, also the first few seats of the balcony from rows 1 to 3, excluding the very frontal row, which is Category 1. Please note that the stage at Danube Palace is not on the same level as the stalls. Hence those sitting in the first few rows will not only be close to the performers but will have to expect a higher stage (about 1 meter or 3 feet high)
  • Category 3 indicates the last two rows on the balcony of the theatre in the Danube Palace, with good visibility and the cheapest prices.

And here is the beautiful interior of the Theatre of the Danube Palace, Budapest:

Danube Palace Budapest

Danube Palace Budapest