Budapest Tours: Guided Sightseeing in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Tours are one of the best ways to get to know the city and its dozens of great attractions: bus and boat tours, walking tours, wine tours, tasting tours, market tours etc. are warmly recommended, especially if you are a first time visitor in Budapest, a city of about 2 million people, often referred to as the ‘Paris of East’.

Danube Promenade Budapest

Danube Promenade Budapest – Moyan Brenn Photography


Sightseeing Tours  Budapest

Tastings & Market Tours Budapest

Theme Tours in Budapest

Tasting Tours, Budapest (photo by Carolyn Banfalvi)

Tasting Tours, Budapest (photo by Carolyn Banfalvi)

Special Tours in Budapest

House of Terror Budapest

House of Terror Budapest (photo by Rodrigo Quinones)

If you are on a budget tour, the good news is that some of the Budapest walking tours are free (tip-based), while well known wine tours are often great value for money. Not to be missed!

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In a 2-3 hour tour you can take a look at some of the attractions that appeal to you for closer scrutiny on your own. Mind you, there are some tours where the price does not include visiting the interior of an attraction, but there is usually a photo stop with a guided tour outside (like the Budapest Segway Tour). Or you can taste surprisingly excellent and hardly known Hungarian wines, and try authentic local cuisine, which goes well beyond Hungarian goulash.

We have put together a flexible 3 day walking tour to explore Budapest and its must-sees. This is a self-guided tour, but there are many tour companies helping you to learn about interesting things and places in the Hungarian capital.