Cultural Tours in Budapest

Cultural tours in Budapest focus more on some kind of cultural or sociocultural topics rather than foods, wines, history or simply attractions.

Shoes - Holocaust Memorial by the river Danube, Budapest

Shoes – Holocaust Memorial by the river Danube – photo by Cameron Hibbert

Art Nouveau Tours in Budapest – these artistic tours will show you several hidden gems in Budapest – the city is just re-discovering its Art Nouveau treasures, beautiful buildings, decor etc. For more than 40 years the functionalist Communist art preferences did not do much to maintain and restore the organic and artsy Art Nouveau heritage of Budapest. Be prepared to see some world class beauties.

Jewish Budapest Tours – the Jewish tours focus on the rich and beautiful cultural heritage of Hungarian Jews in Budapest. Despite the horrors of WW2, the city still has a strong Jewish community with lots of Jewish festivals and events in the old Jewish quarters of District 6 and District 7.

Gypsy Tours in Budapest – A unique tour which aims to show the real Gypsy lifestyle in Hungary (touristy places have Gypsy musicians playing but that is far from the Hungarian Gypsy reality). These tours will take you a bit closer to the extremes of Gypsy life, including the romantic Roma dances and fun as well as the gloomy Gypsy quarters.

Pub Tours in Budapest – learn about how Hungarians, expats and many tourists who want to have fun in Budapest enjoy the night life in some of the cool ruin pubs, or fascinating music and cultural clubs like A38 Music Club and Restaurant or Mika Tivadar Mulato. Budapest ruin pubs are worth a visit as a cultural sight even if you are not a night life party fan or just don’t drink alcohol.

Painted Glass roof in the Art Nouveau Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest

Roof in the Art Nouveau Museum of Applied Arts – photo by mararie