Gypsy Tours in Budapest

Gypsy Budapest Tours

Budapest Gypsy tours are truly special tours: they will let you see how Gypsies live in Hungary – probably shredding many romantic ideas about the idealised Gypsy caravans and free, happy life.

the Hungarian 100 Member Gypsy Orchestra

The Hungarian 100 Member Gypsy Orchestra – photo by Vijay Duvvuri

Instead, the tours intend to show modern day Hungarian Gypsy communities, not refraining from how controversial the interaction is between local Hungarians and Hungarian Gypsies, ranging from deep respect towards Gypsy musicians (jazz, folk, world music, etc.) to inner hatred towards ‘the thief Gypsies’ – you will see a troublesome and disturbing social landscape with lots of tensions and occasional happy moments too. If you wish to nurture your romantic ideals, the tour is not for you. But if you have a hidden sociologist inside you, go ahead.

Rockhoppers tour company offers Gypsy Village Tours in and out of Budapest.