Budapest Tasting and Cooking Tours

Tasting Tours and fun cooking classes in Budapest let you taste various Hungarian foods and try the best of Hungarian drink specialties – sometimes on the less healthy and alcoholic side.

Fruits at Lehel Market Hall, Budapest

Fruits at Lehel Market Hall, Budapest – photo by jaime.silva

Wine Tours in Budapest – you can enjoy wine tasting either in Budapest, or even on a Budapest Wien Tasting Cruise (!) (there are several wine cellars within the city) or in one of the major Wine Regions in Hungary organized as a 1 day tour in the countryside e.g. in Etyek (1 hour ride from Budapest), Eger (2 hours by car from Budapest), Tokaj (home of the famous Tokaji Aszu wine, 3 hours drive approx.)

Market Tours in Budapest – many market tours include visiting some of the outstanding market halls in Budapest (e.g. the Central Market Hall), sampling some Hungarian specialties (fruits, sausages, Palinka, Unicum, pickles, paprika, Hungarian wines, etc.) learning about how Hungarians prepare foods, do food shopping,  etc.

Pub Tours in Budapest – pub tours let you see how locals, expats, and tourists enjoy Budapest night life. You can try the Hungarian alcoholic drinks in an authentic atmosphere, e.g. in ruin pubs: palinka, Unicum, Hungarian wines and Hungarian beers – as the young and hip Hungarians love them.

Hungarian Cooking Classes

Although not traditional tours, you may be interested in learning how to cook some Hungarian specialties in a casual setting, as if you learnt from a Hungarian housewife. Hungarian cooking classes are getting more and more popular amongst tourists.

If interested, try one of the following established cooking schools (both very highly rated on TripAdvisor travel site and in the Budapest tourist forums):