Historical Tours in Budapest

Historical Tours in Budapest, Hungary will help you get insights into the interesting history of the Hungarian state, now a smallish Central-Eastern European country, once an important kingdom. You can get a general overview, or you can pick a special niche theme, see below.

Royal Palace on Castle Hill, Budapest

Buda Castle, Budapest (photo by Mark Mitchell)

History cruises start from a very low price, for instance you can explore the historical Buda Castle and medieval town for about 10 Euros on the Buda Castle Budget Tour.

You will get to know Hungary’s ups and downs, starting out as an  independent kingdom, then suffering from occupation for centuries (squeezed by Turkish – Austrian – Russian rulers), i.e. the trials and tribulations of Hungary in the last few centuries while showing the beautiful historical attractions in the city of Budapest.

Historical Tours in Budapest

Red Star Shoes in a Red Star Communist Hand - Budapest Communist Tours

Red Star Shoes in a Red Star Hand – Budapest Communist Statues – photo by Alejandrooo

  • Castle Tour in Buda Castle, the old hilltop town of Budapest: tours range from concise budget tours to comprehensive packages, like the Buda Castle Tour & Funicular ride & Danube Cruise or the likewise popular Castle Tour & Matthias Church visit (with a coffee and cake on top of that…)
  • Communist Tours in Budapest will show you the remnants of the Cold War in Budapest Hungary, definitely highlighting the old Soviet monuments in Memento Statue Park as well as some hidden gems like the Rock Hospital under the Buda Castle Hill.
  • Turkish Tours – the Turkish baths, Turkish tombs etc. from the 16th century Buda when the Ottoman Turks ruled one third of the Hungarian kingdom for many decades. The tours include major Budapest attractions like the Rudas Baths, the ruinous Kiraly Baths or the recently restored Veli Bej Baths as well as further historical Turkish
  • Roman Tours in Budapest – showing the most important ancient Roman ruins and heritage in present day Budapest, e.g. Aquincum in Old Buda (Obuda, District III). Because the Romans built everything.