Get Around Budapest

Many tourists start planning their Budapest visit by asking where is Budapest, Hungary, or where is the city centre and which side is better for booking a hotel, Buda or Pest? How to use the public transport? How to get from Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport to the city centre? How not to get ripped off by taxis? Getting around in Budapest is very simple yet complicated. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and some truly useful survival tips about Budapest public transit, Budapest taxis, riding bicycles in Budapest and more. The best tip from localstake tram number 2 for a scenic ride along the river Danube with some of the best Budapest attractions!

Budapest Airport Transfer FAQ

In our Budapest Airport Transfer guide you can read about the most frequently asked questions with in depth and detailed descriptions and tips. How can I get to the city centre of Budapest from Budapest Airport? What is the cheapest way to get to Budapest downtown? Will there be taxis at the Liszt Ferenc Airport past midnight? Is the Budapest travel pass valid on the buses and the train to and from the airport? Are Terminal 1 and 2 next to each other? How long does it take to get to the heart of the city of Budapest? etc.

Public Transport FAQ – Budapest

7 Day Travel Card Budapest - public transport passesWhat is the public transit like in Budapest? Is it good or is it bad? Are buses, trams, metros running frequently? What are the pros and cons of the Budapest public transport system? Read our guide to Budapest Public Transportation. And if you are not sure if you should buy the ‘Budapest card’ (a combo for public transit and discounts for some Budapest attractions), the general and honest consensus about its current version is that you shouldn’t. You will be fine with a ‘Budapest travel pass’

Taxi FAQ – Budapest

Getting around by taxis in Budapest often boils down to the conclusion that you should never get in a taxi at a taxi rankor in a lone taxi in any streets. Make sure to call a cab to make your trip and get around safely and easily.

Budapest FoTaxi Airport Transfer Prices Per Zones - Budapest Taxi Guide

Budapest FoTaxi Airport Transfer Prices Per Zones – Budapest Taxi Guide

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Car Rental FAQ – Budapest

How can one rent a car in Budapest? Is it worth it? How to choose a car rental company in Budapest?

Budapest Route Planner

How to plan your routes and itineraries in Budapest? Which is the best Budapest route planner? Do you need more help? Let us know if you need advice on your specific itinerary in Budapest in the comments or in email at TopBudapest [at] gmail [dot] com.

Budapest Tourist Map

Which is the best map for tourists in Budapest? Are there any good downloadable Budapest maps? What about a map with public transport and attractions in English? Here are some of our answers about Budapest Tourist maps.

Biking in Budapest – FAQ

Is it OK and safe to travel by bike in the city? Where can one rent a bike in Budapest? Are there good bike routes all over the city? To save some time: it is not impossible to get around by bike in Budapest if you are very alert and expect to meet with ignorant car drivers and pedestrians who are not really used to bikers. Read this good summery about Budapest by bicycle on Budapest Blog.