Prices in Budapest

How much do things cost in Budapest Hungary?

Here are some quick approximate prices of drinks, meals, tickets, etc. in Budapest.

How much are Grocery prices?

Grocery prices in Budapest, Hungary

Grocery prices in Budapest, Hungary

Groceries are getting more and more expensive throughout the year as fuel prices are rising and costs of living are on the increase. Here are a few examples:

  • Bread: 300-500 HUF/ kg
  • Milk: 250-400 HUF/ litre
  • Butter: 250-300 HUF/ 0.1kg (10 dkg)
  • Cheeses: widely vary from 1700 – 5000 HUF / kg (sold by smaller portions too, and in prepacked slices)
For an up to date and very detailed reference you may try to use the website of a Budapest grocery webshop called G Roby (these prices are more or less average market prices, Tesco, Liddle, Auchan etc. prices tend to be cheaper).
How Much are Foods and Drinks in Bars and Pubs?

As one would expect prices in Budapest bars, pubs and restaurants widely vary depending on the quality of service, the location, etc. Here are some average prices

  • Beer: 2-5 euros in pubs, 1-2 euro in grocery shops.
  • Wine: 2-8 euros per glass (2 dl) in restaurants and bars. Wines by the bottle in shops: 3-40 euros.
  • Coffee: 1.5-4 euros in cafes.
How Much are Meals and Drinks in Restaurants and Diners?
  • Dinners in non-touristy restaurans (e.g. a 3 course salad/ soup – main course – dessert) 12-20 euros. These are not Budapest Michelin restaurant prices of course.
  • Take away menus (e.g. Burger King, McDonald’s) cost about 2-5 euros.
  • Average Subway sandwich prices: 3-4 euros.
  • Touristy or upscale restaurant meals (3 courses) 20-60 euros.
How much are tickets in Budapest Baths?
How much are Public Transport tickets in Budapest?
How much are general entrance fees in Budapest?
  • Museum tickets: typically range between 5-15 euros.
  • Wifi per hour: 1-4 euro, but several places has free wifi access.
  • Hotel rooms: averaging around 65 euros.
  • Hostel rooms: approx. 20-30 euros.

Last update: August, 2018

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