The network of Budapest Metro lines: the metro system of Budapest is very efficient and cheap. Budapest has 3 metro lines (red, blue and yellow), and the 3 lines meet in Deak square, nowhere else. So this is the place where everyone changes metro lines. Deak square is in the centre of the city, in the 5th district, and besides metro lines, many bus lines and tram lines meet here too, so picture Deak square as the beacon of Budapest.

Budapest Metro

Budapest Metro – TopBudapestOrg

The cars of Budapest metro are clean but quite old – nevertheless, they run pretty well. The very first metro line was built in Budapest, Hungary on ‘continental Europe’ (only England had metros earlier) – at that time Budapest was a world-class metropolis, developing very fast.

While the yellow metro line was built in 1896, the red and blue metro lines were built after WW2 (they run Russian rusty metro cars, oddly still functioning).

You will most probably use the M1 yellow and the M2 red metro lines more times during your Budapest stay, as many of their metro stations in the city centre provide good access to major Budapest attractions.

M1 Yellow Metro Line – Budapest

The M1 metro line of Budapest is packed with beautiful Budapest attractions. The M1 is also called Millennial Underground as the second European metro line built in 1896 after the one built in London. Learn more about the attractions at each of the metro stations along M1 metro line in Budapest.

M2 Red Metro Line – Budapest

Budapest escalators to the metro

Budapest escalators to the metro – Gilderic Photography

The M2 red metro line runs from east to west in the city of Budapest. Many of its metro stations are of importance for Budapest visitors. Learn about the busiest metro stations and the attractions in the neighbourhood: M2 Metro Line Budapest on the metro map.

M3 Blue Metro Line – Budapest

The M3 blue metro line connects the northern districts of Budapest with the southern districts. Get essential info about the M3 metro line and some of the M3 blue metro stations you may use during your Budapest visit.

M4 Green Metro Line- Budapest

The M4 green metro line connects South Buda and Pest. You can find some useful info about the M4 Green metro stations and the surrounding areas.

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Are metros and suburban trains the same in Budapest? They are not. See what is the difference between them.